Sir Jude's Household - Sweet Surrender




It has come to my attention that others are using similar or direct materials found on this site and claiming sole ownership. While most of the content on this site is the sole copyright of Sir Jude copyright statements for others are provided whenever the content is not of Sir Jude's direct creation. As such, the BDSM checklist is not Sir Jude's copyright but was originated from Others have tweaked it over the years, including myself, and will continue to do so in order to make the most comprehensive list available to the community. However, it is NOT the sole copyright of some others who like to pretend that piggy-backing off of the work of many others somehow makes them the creator of the work.



*This is NOT a test, there are NO results. This is used as a guide (for yourself or your dominant, or if you're applying to Jude) to determine what you're interests are or things you may be curious about exploring.

**If you are sending this to Sir Jude with the intent to apply to the household DO NOT send this and only this. It should be attached to a properly written note.

If you do a search for the "BDSM Checklist" you'll find numerous sources providing a list of activities within the lifestyle. Most popular is the list that came from which I used as the basis for this list. I then went to all the other sites I could find and added additional items that appeared to be missing from the initial list in an attempt to make it the most comprehensive one available. As such, this list is not mine, I don't own it, I only am trying to improve on what's out there. However, there is someone who is claiming that the BDSM checklist is their own when it's clearly not. Please be careful when accessing and using information.


A potential slave will be required to download this list as an EXCEL file by RIGHT CLICKING HERE and selecting "save file as." They are to complete the list, entirely, and email it back. This list will assist us in determining how well your likes and dislikes will fit into the household. It may also help you learn new things you may like/dislike that you haven't thought of before.



If you've noticed something is not included on the list please tell us. We are trying to make it as complete as possible.


Further, if you're unsure what a particular item is do not ignore it. Show initiative and creative thinking by researching the item. A simple web search will produce definitions. However, if you have a question about how something would be specifically applied (or denied) in the household or experience difficulty in accessing the file itself - feel free to inquire by EMAIL