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If you have been here before you're about to discover that this site has undergone massive changes. A lot has happened in life since it was last updated. Some of those changes included getting rid of a lying cheat and welcoming a new beautiful girl into my life. Together we have discovered a passion for the Daddy/baby girl dynamic and that also includes elements of ABDL. While we are currently content to enjoy our relationship together we have discussed the possibility of extending the 'family' to include a mommy and possibly a brother/sister.




Jude has begun the process of transitioning by taking "T" (Testosterone) shots. He is documenting his progress through a personal blog. If you're interested in following this process or learning a bit more about Jude you can check out Jude's FtM Journey blog. You can also help contribute to this process through Jude's transition fund




The household has undergone various changes and as I continue to grow as a person and dominant these need to be reflected on my website and with my manual. As such these pages will be undergoing significant revisions. In the meantime, if you have questions about myself, my household, or joining the household then you should email me directly or find me on Fetlife under SirJude.


At this time the slave application has been removed but the manual will remain as a reference source for those interested. I will also be including a contract shortly that my girl and I have entered into and that can also be used a reference resource. The BDSM checklist that *I* compiled will also remain intake on the website but I'm not sure if I will update it as that's a pretty lengthy process.



While this site is not intended for sexual purposes it does contain content that is not suitable for minors. As such, by continuing beyound this page you are herein certifying that you are of legal age and sound mind to view "adult content." Some of the media may contain nudity and all those shown on this website are direct members of the household (whether they live in the home or currently external locations) and all persons are over the age of 18 and have consented to their images being posted to the site.
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